Do You Want to Expand Your Influence in Design and Build Projects?

The field of interior design is burgeoning in Malaysia, so if you want to gain valuable experience or hone your skill set, you can do so in the design field today. Before you apply to that dream job, however, you need to make sure you possess the qualities an employer will be delighted to see. To ensure employment success then, you need to carefully investigate each opening and see how each of your skills can be used on the job.

A Design and Build Opportunity

One of the trending jobs in the interior design field is the role of project manager, especially in the area of design and build. So, if you want to work in this capacity, you can either present your current skills and education or find out what you need to do in order gain notice.

What You Need to Know to Work as a Project Manager

Most project managers for design and build jobs must possess a degree in construction and have experience in fitting out offices. They should also be familiar with the infrastructures of various buildings. Construction and design collaboration is a prerequisite as well. A technical expertise in construction bylaws is necessary too.

A Mature and Driven Design Professional

Besides being familiar with construction layouts and design, a project manager in the field should also be well-versed in Microsoft project and office software. He or she should possess at least six years work experience in a related job or field. Therefore, the person who assumes this job must be driven and mature. He or she must have the capacity to manage a project and oversee such areas as cost control and quality assurance.

Can You Meet Tight Deadlines?

When you embark your design career with an interior design job in Malaysia, you will find that many of the positions require skills that are of the highest calibre. You really need to be devoted to the field at large. Managers who oversee design and build projects must be self-starters who are detail-oriented, thorough, and independent in nature. They must be able to handle a number of tasks simultaneously in an environment that is considered fast-paced. This means that they must be able to meet tight deadlines as well.

Can You Speak Mandarin?

In addition, candidates must possess good communication skills. Therefore, they must have an excellent grasp of both Malay and English. In some jobs, engineers or project managers must also be able to communicate in yet a third language. Many design firms today prefer candidates who speak Chinese Mandarin as well. This type of job has a travel requirement and seeks self-starters who want to begin immediately.

Can You Manage Large Projects Well?

In order to do well in a job where you manage design and build projects, you must be able to plan and manage interior-type fit-outs from their inception to completion. You must also be able to take charge of the installation works at a project site. In addition, this type of job involves liaising with different departments, including administration, drafting, and design.