Vacuum delivery is a kind of rare baby delivery

When it comes to baby birth there can be a normal delivery or a scissor delivery. But sometimes, doctors can also go for assisted child birth. There is a kind of assisted delivery and it is known as the forceps delivery.

There is another kind of baby delivery. It is known as the vacuum delivery baby. This has a name of vacuum extraction or ventouse.

Now the question is why it is known as the assisted delivery? Here the doctor needs a midwife or a nurse to assist them during the time of delivery. What do they do? Well, they use an instrument to help the doctor to deliver the baby through a kind of birth canal. Why this kind of baby delivery is needed? Well, doctors may take this decision of going for a delivery which will be assisted when the second stage of labor in a pregnant woman does not progress. When a woman who has conceived and have started pushing and contracting, the cervix has become dilated and the baby’s head has also descended but still not an outcome is showing; then some vacuum extraction is needed. This is done only when the doctor finds that the baby inside is having a problem and their heart beat is also indicating the same and the delivery needs to happen urgently.

Here, in this certain kind of delivery, the doctor and the mid wife chooses a new vacuum device in place of a forceps during the time of delivery which actually helps the baby to come out. But this vacuum extraction is a very rare case and it is mainly used in even less than 3 percent of birth cases.

But both the forceps birth and the vacuum delivery of babies have been reduced to a great extent these days as caesarean sections have become more common now. At one stage using of forceps was the only option when the baby delivery used to stuck mid way due to some problem but at present due to some other process of delivery of the baby, these methods are not used often.

Now the question is how these vacuum extractions are done? Well, when there is an assisted child birth then firstly the mother is given a proper anaesthesia. Sometimes, an episiotomy is also done. Then the health provider reaches the birth canal and then places a small plastic cup on the top of the baby’s head which acts like a suction cup. This works as a kind of traction when the mother tries to push out the baby. The moment the baby’s head is seen outside the body, the suction is released and the cup is removed from the scalp of the baby.

But there are some risks to this kind of assisted delivery. There can be a wound in the scalp of your baby or there can be some formations of temporary swelling. This swelling though can die down within a few days.

Vacuum cup delivery baby are rare these days as other advanced methods are there